Ferrite Core for Kitchen Appliance, L

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 L Core

Today, the magnetic materials are widely used a key part in various appliances, electronic elements. Spinel has accumulated many years' experience in designing, manufacturing and customizing various magnetic products and can do appropriate modification to tiny components.

This type of soft magnetic core is extensively used in induction cookers, electric cookers, electric tea pots and many other kitchen appliances.

Main Advantages
1. The production line is equipped with many high-precision and functional processing machines, thus allowing for stable quality and functions of the final magnetic products.
2. All raw materials are purchased from large-scale steel factories in Japan and China. A long-term collaboration further ensures high quality.
3. In each manufacture process, all products must undergo series of strict tests.
4. The magnetic element has a long service life, freeing users from worrying about product quality and aging problems.

Before leaving the factory, all magnetic products must be well packed to avoid any possible breakage or damage. Additionally, the packaging manner can also be decided by customers.