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With 40 years of experience and expertise, we have owned tens of materials and independently designed more than 900 kinds of Ferrite Core with different shapes and specifications.

Application: induction cookers, electric cookers, electric tea pots, etc.

Outstanding Advantages
1. This type of ferrite core is made from high-temperature low-consumption material and high magnetic permeability material, showing a relatively low power loss at high temperature.
2. To ensure great quality and high cost effectiveness, our company imported Toshiba kilns, Tamagawa presses and state-of-the-art CNC grinding machines, as well as brought in advanced sintering techniques and forming techniques. That's why we can achieve an annual production of 12,000 tons.
3. In order for quality assurance, we selected reliable raw material manufacturers. Main ferric oxide suppliers include Japan JFE, Korea RG and China Steel Corporation. Main manganous-manganic oxide manufacturers are Hunan Special Metal Materials Factory and Kingray New Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
4. We pay great attention to the product quality and carry out strict tests from raw material to final products. High-precision testing instruments include Bruker X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, high-frequency power dissipation measuring instrument, S4 PIONEER X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer, etc.

Before leaving the factory, all magnetic products must be well packed to avoid any possible breakage or damage. Additionally, the packaging manner can also be decided by customers.